Bring a Mug, Get Free Starbucks

•April 13, 2010 • 1 Comment

Make a Difference | Starbucks Coffee Company

As part of The Big Picture movement, Starbucks promoted a day in March when New Yorkers brought in their travel mugs for free coffee. (Film)

On Thursday April 15th, Starbucks is expanding their experiment to most of the world. If you bring in a travel mug, up to 20Oz, to any participating barista location on April 15th 2010; they will fill it up with coffee, for free.

Along with the ‘big day’ Starbucks will give you 10 cents off any beverage, any day. I don’t know that this is a new program but either way its pretty sweet, especially if you go for coffee on a regular basis.

They have a part of their site devoted to this cause, on which they have a calculator of how many trees you could save based on the number of cups you drink a day. Side note of pessimism: I would like to see the calculator of how much money Starbucks will save if people brought in travel mugs regularly(especially if they bought one for 20 [Star]bucks).

Link to the site!

Enjoy Your Coffee!

Tim Scouten


New York Yankees x Van’s Shoes

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Another installation of the Van’s/MLB Opening Day Series is here, and it’s the only one of value (in my book). They also have Athletics, Red Sox, Cub’s, White Sox’s, Angel’s, Dodgers, Met’s, Nationals, Braves and possibly more to come. Each team has a different cut of old school Van’s, color and logo. They only have a limited number, only to be sold in the city of the team. Check out some of the others Here: MLB Opening Day Series

(via: Freshness Mag)

Sick Nasty

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Gorillaz: Stylo Feat Mos Def and Bobby Womack on the track, and Bruce Willis in the video.

JR’s Women are Hero’s x Paris

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Video of the construction, decomposition, and destruction of JR’s Women are Hero’s (Paris); along with some reactions of different people to the project.

Tim Scouten

Vandalog Features CASE

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is a quick video on CASE, with an interview by RJ from Vandalog. Notice when RJ talks about the other artists in the area, one of my favorite pieces by ROA is right next to it, and they do a great shot starting at 1:52 that reveals the illusion.

Thanks, enjoy…

Tim Scouten

Conor Harrington, Studio/Street Artist.

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

The video is really all I knew about Harrington until I did a little more research and I fell in love with it, I enjoy greatly the style of the finished product; as well as the process of its creation.

There is just so much to look at, you could stare at it for hours and still be missing something. The layers are great and pushes the viewer to the limit of his or her understanding of the piece so that we may interpret the artists imagination.

I tend to lean toward outdoor/street art type work but these canvas pieces are really good, I am a huge fan of typography but the use of straight text is over done, Conor balances his typography along with his street feel (drip’s, smear’s, “aerosol look”) and his own study of traditional oil paintings.

You can check out more of his stuff on his personal blog! or check out his outdoor work in this video –> Outdoor Piece

Enjoy it,

Tim Scouten

Puma Phone Powered by the Sun!

•February 19, 2010 • 1 Comment

Introducing the newest phone to claim iPhone slaughter… The Puma Phone.

Whats new with this smart phone? A few things not seen before in a main stream phone, for starters its an athlete oriented device offering an Analogue stopwatch, GPS run tracker, GPS bike speedo, Pedometer and Yachting compass. Among the more impressive features is a 2.8” full touch screen tablet, 3.2 megapixel camera, a Solar Cell back panel for battery charging and last but not least a forward facing camera for live video calls!

Video Chat

Go on over to to check out a few video’s, a flip book and a PDF with the “geek layout” seen below.


Tim Scouten