I went and picked a Brand New Daisy.

Yesterday I went and finally got my copy of Brand New’s current album Daisy yesterday, I know I waited way to long to pick up the CD but I have been sampling it on their Myspace since they Posted it last week. I have to admit the first time I heard the new sound I shuttered while still trusting their track record of doing this same thing, changing it up dramatically and still staying up at the par that we “Your Favorite Weapon” fans expect them to meet.

Let’s start with the 1:25 Intro. Unexpected? Yes. Out of place? No. The album is truly full circle and is meant to be listened to as a whole and once you recognizes that you will come to love it. What do I mean full circle? The second half of that track is found at min marker 5:05 in “Noro”.

In the Case is a single double sided print on one side the cover art by Peter Sutherland, on the other is a picture of a person Mixing the audio (If you know who it is feel free to comment the specifics)Artist – Alexi Lambros. A fold out poster, one side is a full black and white photo of I’m guessing Jesse, if I’m wrong don’t kill me. And the reverse is the Band and some other stuff. Under the disc is another photo (fish eye lens). The Disc art is pretty Sweet, just a circular drawing of the Zodiac Signs chart (Design by Morning Breath Inc. [Same company as “The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me”]) (Check them out they are very very good original design).

My personal view on the album is that it is one more brain child by the boys of Brand New, the term Indy comes to mind when describing the sound and the over-all appeal of the design. Think “Bury Me with it” -Modest Mouse meets “Not The Sun” -Brand New. Now not to say that it sound exactly like that, I’m just providing you with my mind’s first instinct.

What the next step? Go Pick it up! Amazon, Half.comMerchDirect, MySpace, Official Site, Wal Mart, iTunes Store … Just Don’t Steal It.

Let me know what you think… Comment Below, Twitter @tjscouten.

Tim Scouten


~ by tjscouten on September 28, 2009.

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