RedBox Codes that Everyone Should Know

Promo Codes:
DVDATWAG *only good at Walgreens Redbox

All of these are good to use once for every credit card you have, or debit. Every time we go I just get a different roommate to pay and its FREE.
You can type the code in before shopping in the bottom left-hand corner of the first screen, or once you get to the “shopping cart” you have another option in the bottom right.
You will not know if the code worked (it will) until you check out, it will ring up:
Dvd Rental – 1.00
Promo Code – 1.00
Sub-Total – 0.00
Total – 0.00

This works for the “first night” aka they will charge you a dollar for every night after the first, just like a normal rental.

Another cool feature that I take full advantage of is the first monday of every month is “Free Redbox Day” and if you sign up on Inside Redbox, they will text the code to your phone and that is good until midnight and works the same as the other codes listed above, I forward the text to about 30 people in my contacts list every month. I will also post the code on the blog as well.

Tim Scouten


~ by tjscouten on October 10, 2009.

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