A Flash-Card Study Application I Found (Now $20 Bucks, Sorry)

UPDATE: The new interface is a well needed one but it comes with an unexpected feature, a Price Tag, which sucks but I still stand behind this software and highly recommend to anyone looking for a highly efficent way to study.

New Interface:

The program is called Ebbinghaus and is named after Hermann Ebbinghaus the famous German Psychologist know most for his study of memory.

That aside, this program is very impressive and a great alternative to physical flash-cards for those who learn best from pure memorization. I enjoyed it greatly and well I did find so thing that I wish they would add, I am still very impressed especially because it is FREE 20 Bucks.

Old Interface:

The easiest way to describe the interface is to say that it is very similar to iTunes the “cards” being the songs/tracks and the “file boxes” being the playlists. It is easy to us and I highly recommend it to my fellow College students.

You will face some fall backs, I found that there were a few things I would have liked to been able to do like “pass” while going through the cards, and moving or deleting more then one card/file box at a time.

Ebbinghaus Icon
Another thing is that the Icon is creepy, as it bounces on your desktop.

Check it out at the main page!

Thanks for reading!

Tim Scouten


~ by tjscouten on October 22, 2009.

One Response to “A Flash-Card Study Application I Found (Now $20 Bucks, Sorry)”

  1. WAS free it’s $20 now .. how WHACK shouldve checked it out when you posted this.. oh well

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