Every Mac Needs a Little Caffeine

Another interesting piece of software that I was so kindly directed to by a friend, this program is meant for all of us who watch a lot of online videos, or are sick of changing the settings on our screen saver.

The program is a great short-cut enabling you to direct and convenient way for you to turn your screen lamp on and keep it on, indefinitely, or for a limited time 5 min, 10 min etc.
Welcome to Caffeine
My favorite part of the program is the empty coffee cup that appears in your top tool bar and you can turn the application on or off, this is great because you can turn it off to keep your laptop alive in class or on to keep it from falling asleep while you are watching the Yankees smoke the Phillies during a night class.
Here it is Caffeine by Lighthead.

Thanks for reading!

Tim Scouten


~ by tjscouten on October 25, 2009.

One Response to “Every Mac Needs a Little Caffeine”

  1. Yeah caffeine defiantly hold a special place in my menu bar 🙂

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