Free Music! Thanks Starbucks.

So when I go into Starbucks and they have there free music Tuesday’s I always take my allotted one per customer; however sometimes my friends pick one up, decide they do not want it, and give it to me to post here for others to use. Thereby following the terms and conditions set forth by Apple Inc. If I am wrong Apple, sorry, I still love you please don’t sue me.

All that crap aside, you want the free music. I am going to try this two ways, this time I will be posting all the codes and if you take & us one PLEASE POST A COMMENT WITH THE ONE YOU TOOK SO THAT I CAN REMOVE IT.

To download you will need iTunes and an internet connection*

1. Open iTunes and click iTunes Store

2. Click “Redeem” under Quick Links

3. Enter the code below

This Post is for:

Richard Hawley, “Don’t get hung up in your soul”

1. x77wptfm3663

2. 7r63jn6rn7we

3. kkwwplfjt69r

4. ewja7h3×7rrj

5. pk63mt9w466x

6. 6jklx4xrfkt6

Thanks for Listening,

Tim Scouten

*If you are having trouble with the process, I can make a quick tutorial for you; let me know.


~ by tjscouten on December 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “Free Music! Thanks Starbucks.”

  1. i grabbed number 5

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  3. […] Free Music! Thanks Starbucks. 2 This is the second insallment of free Starbucks post; there are still some left so check it out: LINK. […]

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