My New Hero.

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Somebody write this guy a check, He is my new hero.

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Steve Smith x Alex Pardee

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A kid I used to work with that probably doesn’t remember me has a blog for his illustrations and designs, he is more then impressive and I almost wished I knew he had good taste when we worked at McLane; It would have made for much more interesting conversation.

He got to go to Alex Pardee’s Zerofriends/Upper Playground (mini)store opening in NYC and wrote a post about it.

So go check it out. CLICK ME!

Tim Scouten

Rockband With the Boys (&girl)

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Nate, Isaac, and Derek. (Hannah was there, listen for outbursts of laughter in the background)

Not much too say… pure rock.

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Tim Scouten

Last Night of Late Night with Conan O’Brien

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The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien | Watch Episodes Online for Free - Late Night TV Headlines and Videos - NBC Official Site

Ready up on the situation I guess you could say Conan lost the battle, but how made could you be when NBC settles with you at the sum of 32.5 Million.

It does suck, because big hair is much funnier then a big chin. He isn’t gone for good, trust me plus being picked up by a much “younger” station could be good for O’Brien, I personally would like to see FX pick him up. What do you think?

Anyway, if you want to catch a piece of history? Tonight is the last night of Late Night with Conan O’Brien on NBC at 11:35.

(Info Via NBC)

Thanks for reading; its been awhile,

Tim Scouten

Free Fresco Taco, Taco Bell Coupons! EXPIRED

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Coupon - Taco Bell Drive-Thru Diet
A coupon for a FREE Fresco Chicken, Beff, or Steak Taco at Taco Bell!

The coupons are good now through January 21 but the fine print says “or until 1 million free tacos are given out” and that the Manager has the right to refuse any coupons. If the 1 million is reached before the expiration date it will be posted HERE.

Make sure your printer is ready to go because it is an automated service, but you can print a bunch and give them to your friends, Limit one per person.


Thanks for eating,

Tim Scouten

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Teavana and the Perfect Tea Maker

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If you drink tea at all, then you will really appreciate this store and there amazing teas. I’m not one to drink tea everyday, coffee is my drink of choice but for Christmas I bought my girlfriend The Perfect Tea Maker and it is sweet.

It’s for loose-leaf tea and you can buy that at high end grocery chains and specialty shops. The stuff is seriously good, you can get some kinds of white tea for over one hundred dollars per pound which is ridiculous but a lot of really good tea comes under 10 bucks. It is significantly better then the average tea you get at the grocery store and you can reuse it a couple times!

It costs about twenty dollars and you can get the tea maker at  any Teavana or on there website. If I actually get some comments or questions maybe I will make a video of the system, this one is pretty lame.

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Tim Scouten


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I’m on my way to Wegmans right now to try it out, this is RedBox trying once again to make up to us for messing up the Monday codes and then again messing up the first round of apologise.
Today’s code is RBXLUV10
Don’t forget it expires at Midnight so go get a movie!
Thanks for reading,
Tim Scouten